Veolia, Suez, Aqualia and Aguas de Valencia embroiled in several corruption cases in Europe

Veolia, Suez, Aqualia and Aguas de Valencia were selected by the Toulouse metropolitan government in October 2017 to present their bids for two concession contracts; one for the production and distribution of drinking water and the other for sanitation.

However, these four private companies are embroiled in several corruption cases for the award of public and concessions contracts elsewhere in Europe.

Note: On 29 May 2018, the tender commission [this commission of several elected representatives of the metropolis, examines and compares the bids and then chooses the one that seems the best] opened the envelopes containing the bids of the candidates. Aqualia and Aguas de Valencia not having sent their bids before this deadline can no longer get one of the two concession contracts.

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