Yes to Water, No to Nestlé!
Monday October 31st, 2016

From October 28th till November 4th, it is the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) which is UK’s Nestlé free week. This is a yearly event coinciding with Halloween to protest a range of Nestlé abuses. Some of these abuses range from aggressively pushing baby formula by misleading the public to labour concerns, accusations of child slavery and the treatment of dairy and coffee farmers.

In Canada, the Council of Canadians have long been fighting Nestlé for its role in exacerbating the water crisis. The Council of Canadians recently launched a boycott of Nestlé and all bottled water products. This was due to the company’s abusive practices in Ontario and British Colombia, where finite groundwater sources are being pumped dry. At the time of writing this blog, nearly 40, 000 people have signed the petition.

Here are a few simple ways you too can get involved in the ongoing campaign against Nestlé:

  1. Sign the pledge to boycott Nestlé
  2. Participate in IBFAN UK’s Nestlé free week by downloading resources, sharing information, and participating in the social media campaign
  3. Keep your Halloween Nestlé free and use the materials and information on the following link to raise awareness in your neighbourhood
  4. Organize a screening of the film For Love of Water, which features local struggles against Nestlé
  5. Use the Nestlé boycott app that will allow you to scan products when you’re shopping and find out if they are owned by Nestlé


Another way you may contribute to keeping the campaigns going by providing financial support to any of the organizations fighting this giant corporation.