About Water Justice For All

Water Justice for All is an information portal that brings together stories, resources and analysis from global water justice activists around the world.

Foto: Meera Karunananthan
Photo: Meera Karunananthan

The global water justice movement is comprised of social movements, grassroots groups, labour organizations and NGOs who have worked together to challenge the global and local policies, institutions and mechanisms that have promoted the corporate control of water in various forms.

The global water justice movement has been successful over the decades in connecting local communities and frontline activists to broader struggles against the global neoliberal agenda. A passion to defend the water commons has been at the heart of the struggles against trade agreements, unsustainable development projects and environmentally destructive extractive operations. Both in the global North and South, this passion for water has politicized and mobilized impacted communities.

This web resource is a virtual space for global water justice activists to share stories that inspire, urgent calls to action and resources to support each other’s campaigns to defend the water commons and promote the human rights to water and sanitation.