• The Blue Planet Project

    The Blue Planet Project is part of a global movement, with partners around the world that promotes the fundamental truth that “Water is life.” We strive for water justice based on the principles that water is a human right, a public trust, and part of the global commons. We work with organizations and activists in both South and North, and are affiliated with international networks including Friends of the Earth International, Red Vida (the Americas Network on the Right to Water) and the People’s Health Movement. We work to protect water for people and nature for generations to come. This includes working with local organizations and activists on grassroots struggles to protect democratic, community control of water, and building a movement to see the full implementation of the human right to water and sanitation.

  • La Red Vida

    La Red Vida (the Inter-American Network for the Defense and Right to Water) is a campaign in defense of water as a public good and a fundamental right. The network consists of consumer associations, women’s organizations, environmentalists, labour unions, human rights activists, religious groups, indigenous groups and social organizations.

  • European Water Movement

    The European Movement for Water as a Commons is an open, inclusive and pluralistic network of movements, social organizations, committees, unions whose goal is to reinforce the recognition of water as a commons and as a fundamental universal right, an essential element for all living beings. We are part of the global water justice movement. We are united to fight against privatisation and commodification of this vital good, and to construct a public and communal management of water, founded on the democratic participation of citizens and of workers. Within the European Movement for Water, we currently organise three working groups in order to share progress and help each other: - Initiatives/Actions (national referendums, local petitions, European Citizens' Initiatives) - EU Lobbying and legislations (EU legislations, monitoring European policies, connecting national level work with EU level work) - Building the movement (communications, website, networking)